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2000s G&L ASAT Classic Custom Semi Hollow! SOLD!

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G&L's have won many fans for offering great performance and features along with sensible prices. G&L guitars were the brainchild of Leo Fender and George Fullerton and could be considered new and improved versions of their classic designs. Made in the USA to the highest standards of quality. Here's a cool ASAT that's been assembled from the best parts for the coolest looks! The original neck was damaged so I grabbed an original New Old Stock ASAT Classic neck and tried to find the best looking one to compliment the gorgeous body on this one. Check out the figure of the wood!  The semi hollow body is ash for killer tone. It features a cool F hole and simulated binding. The 25.5 inch scale maple neck features a maple fingerboard with 22 frets. Check out the cool birdseye maple figuring on this neck! Incredible looking! Dual MFD pickups dish out big, big, big single coil tone. A factory Bigsby B-5 Vibrato and Tuneomatic bridge offer crazy twang while locking tuners keep it rock solid. The factory finish is a cool transparent orange like you would find on a vintage 6120. A really cool G&L with unique looks!

Like most G&L guitars I've had in stock, this ASAT plays and sounds great. The neck is straight and the frets are good. We recently set this one up in the shop. The pickups sound excellent and the electronics work as they should. A great guitar. Condition wise, this is a nice used guitar. It shows light pick and clearcoat scratches as well as some light indents. Very nice. Comes in original hardshell case.

G&L guitars have always impressed me thanks to great playability, excellent features and an excellent price. If you are considering buying a new Fender American Series guitar, you owe it to yourself to check out a G&L. A lot of bang for the buck, especially on the used market. You can't find a new one like this one and even if you could, expect a price over two grand with the factory Bigsby and other options. Here's a unique one for less.


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