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2012 Fender Custom Shop '51 Nocaster Tele Relic! SOLD!

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In 1950 Leo Fender set the world on fire by introducing the Broadcaster. The Broadcaster convinced conservative instrument makers that this electric guitar thing was more than a fad and many went to work on their own products. The Gretsch company had called some of their drum line "Broadkaster" and asked Leo to stop using that name. Fender sales honcho Don Randall came up with the name TELECASTER to replace the Broadcaster name on the fledging solid body. In the interim, Fender simply clipped the "Broadcaster" logo off their decals. These guitars became known as No-Casters by collectors as they had no model name. Fender recreates this iconic guitar with this amazing reissue. Built in the USA by the Custom Shop, this guitar is an incredible tribute to a vintage original. New specs for 2012. The body is ash for killer tone. The 25.5 inch scale maple neck features a 9.5 inch radius maple fingerboard with 21 6105 frets. A duo of Custom Shop Twisted Tele single coils dish out big vintage tone. A string through, 3 saddle bridge and Kluson style tuners keep it rock solid. The finish is Fender's trademark butterscotch blonde nitrocellulose lacquer factory reliced for the look of a well used vintage guitar. An incredible recreation that will make a great addition to your collection.

This Fender has great vintage feel and tone. The frets are good, the neck is straight and the action is low. The 50s U shaped neck feels great. The pickups sound excellent and everything works as it should. A great guitar. The relic work on this one is very cool with some neat fingerboard wear. It was collector owned and didn't see a ton of play time. A nice used guitar. Comes with original case with cert and a pile of case candy.

If you're looking for a Tele with killer vintage vibe, you can't do much better than a Nocaster Relic. The look of a guitar that's spent nearly 60 years in bars without the crazy price tag. A new Nocaster relic will cost you $3960 in stores. This one is priced much, much lower.





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