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1982 Alembic Spoiler Bass! SOLD!

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Alembic is well known among player for building innovative basses with top notch quality. Starting 1969, Alembics were played by a veritable who's who of rock royalty. John Paul Jones, John Entwistle, Phil Lesh, Jerry Garcia, Jack Cassady, and Stanley Clarke were among Alembic's client list. Made in the USA to the highest standards of quality, Alembics are forward looking instruments for the best players. This Spoiler is no exception. The neck through body design adds sustain.  The 32 inch scale maple neck features an ebony fingerboard with unique circle inlays. The body wings look to be koa. Two great sounding pickups are hooked up to innovative electronics. A brass bridge, tailpiece, and Schaller tuners keep it rock solid. The finish is a satin matte. A great bass for the player!

This is a solid used bass.  The neck feels good. It shows some fret wear but feel fine.  The pickups deliver a variety of tones. To be honest, I'm not 100% sure what everything does switch and knob wise but they seem to work.  One knob appears to be missing. This would make a good bass for a player but not a collector. It shows scratches, dents, dings, belt buckle wear, and playwear you would expect from a used 28 year old instrument. Some wear through the finish on the front. Nothing major for a player. Comes in a hardshell case.

Alembic basses are known for their quality but they are also known for their price. The Spoiler is an exception as it offers all of that great Alembic craftsmanship and tone without the high price tag. Here's one you can't take out to the gig.


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